iSpec now exclusively uses Python 3 (previous versions of Python were deprecated on January 1st 2020). The v2020.10.01 release does not remove or modify any of iSpec functionalities. It should be completely compatible with user written scripts as far as they are converted to Python 3.

In addition, most radiative transfer codes were updated, as well as the external Equivalent Width measurement tool (ARES), and the Gaia-ESO linelist version 6 was added. Regarding the input file, pre-computed grids were re-computed using the latest radiative transfer code versions, and line selections were re-done for a resolution of 47,000.


  • Python 3
  • Updated SPECTRUM to v2.77
  • Updated Turbospectrum to v19.1
  • Updated MOOG to November 2019 version
  • Updated SME to v574
  • Updated ARES to June 28th 2020 commit
  • Added Gaia-ESO linelist v6