I am glad to introduce the latest version of iSpec, available for download at the v2023.08.04 release page. This update brings some small new features, compatibility improvements, and bug fixes. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what's new:


  • Doyle et al. (2014) Vmac Relation for Dwarfs: This implementation complements the already existing one based on the Gaia-ESO Survey.
  • Enhanced ESO Spectra Support: We've added new flux and wavelength keys for ESO spectra FITS files.
  • Disable SME for Apple Silicon: To avoid confusion and errors, SME will be disabled when the GUI is used on Macs with Apple Silicon chips (M1/M2).

Compatibility Updates:

  • Python Package Alignments: We've ceased the use of the deprecated np.int in favor of the builtin int.
  • Matplotlib adaptations: We've adjusted to how the latest versions of matplotlib manage line removals.
  • Cython & gfortran compatibility: The code has been updated for seamless integration with the latest versions of Cython (3.0) and gfortran (12.2).

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where the "correct velocity" function modified the input spectrum.
  • Addressed the complication of fitting loggf and abundances simultaneously.
  • Streamlined the "create_filter_cosmic_ray" function by removing an unused parameter.
  • Addressed the MOOG compilation failure in Mac due to BSD sed.
  • Rectified the GUI's inability to properly run and synthesize spectra from a different directory.
  • Ensured the GUI fit continuum doesn't ignore the resolution parameter.

Stay updated with the latest enhancements by downloading the new version!