Anaconda python

One of the easiest ways to install a Python distribution on MacOSX with most of the needed libraries for iSpec is by using Anaconda. Nevertheless, this distribution gives priority to Qt libraries instead of Tk (the ones used by iSpec's visual interface) and sometimes there are bugs that prevent iSpec's visual interface from running.


Follow the instructions, anaconda will be installed in ///home/your_user/anaconda2/// by default. The installer will ask if you want to modify .bashrc/.bash_profile, select 'yes'. This should add to your //.bashrc// and //.bash_profile// files (in your home directory) something like this:

export PATH="/home/user/anaconda2/bin:$PATH"
  • Close all the terminals and open a new one. If the user's default shell is bash, in order to load the new configuration you can instead execute:
source $HOME/.bash\_profile
  • Finally, install a library that does not come by default and that it is needed by iSpec:
pip install lockfile
  • Download iSpec source code, decompress it and move to $HOME/shared. Open a terminal in the iSpec directory and run:
make clean
make spectrum
make turbospectrum
make moog